FOVARI was founded  with the ambitious goal of establishing an iconic fashion house that celebrates women's femininity and sensuality in an elegant and unparalleled way. Yara's vision is rooted in three core values:

nature, kindness and history.

Her designs are timeless and draw inspiration from the form, harmony and laws of nature. Each FOVARI piece is a celebration of kindness, having purpose, and being one with life. The intricate craftsmanship is a reflection of the wisdom and resilience of history. FOVARI embodies these three driving forces, and each piece is a testament to Yara's steadfast commitment.


My journey in fashion is far from ordinary. I wasn't born into a family of tailors, nor did I attend a prestigious design school or apprentice under an iconic designer. Instead, my training began amidst the breathtaking ruins of Syria, just a few kilometers from my birthplace.

As a young girl, my father would take me to ancient sites and teach me about architectural integrity, composition, and timelessness. He instilled in me a deep appreciation for these lessons, which would later become the foundation of my brand, FOVARI. My father's words still resonate with me to this day: "If something is thoughtfully and well-constructed, it will last forever."

In addition to my father's teachings, my mother's closet was like a treasure trove of luxury masterpieces. Trying on her dresses was akin to spiritual experience. She taught me that fashion has the power to transform and transcend.

With Love, Yara