YARA SHOEMAKER Couture Redefines Luxury with Exquisite Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design


My journey in fashion is far from ordinary. I wasn't born into a family of tailors, nor did I attend a prestigious design school or apprentice under an iconic designer. Instead, my training began amidst the breathtaking ruins of Syria, just a few kilometers from my birthplace

As a young girl, my father would take me to ancient sites and teach me about architectural integrity, composition, and timelessness. He instilled in me a deep appreciation for these lessons, which would later become the foundation of my brand, FOVARI. My father's words still resonate with me to this day: "If something is thoughtfully and well-constructed, it will last forever."

In addition to my father's teachings, my mother's closet was like a treasure trove of luxury masterpieces. Trying on her dresses was akin to spiritual experience. She taught me that fashion has the power to transform and transcend.

With Love,